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Athletic Promotional Events, Inc. (A.P.E.) supplies authentic signed sports memorabilia at no cost and no risk to charities for live auctions, silent auctions, raffles, or prizes. 

Here's how the program works:

  • A.P.E. provides a list of items for you to choose from

  • A.P.E. consigns items of your choosing to your facility prior to the event

  • A.P.E. provides the minimum bid or value for each item

  • The Charity is entitled to 10% of each item sold at the minimum bid price. 

  • The Charity receives every dollar over the minimum bid.

  • If, in the rare case an item remains unsold, the Charity may return the item to A.P.E. at no cost or obligation.


"We were able to accomplish our goal because of you... Our next auction is Friday, Nov 5, 2004!"

-Cindy Lewis
Harford Lutheran School

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There are NO up front fees or cash outlays required of the Charity.  In the unlikely event some items remain unsold, the Charity incurs no monetary loss for these unsold items.  They are simply returned to A.P.E. at the conclusion of the event.

NO... RISK!!



Why not add autographed memorabilia to your currently planned events? The potential for profit is huge, and the risk is zero!

Home | About A.P.E.| Items | Charity | Corporate | Contact Us

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